Nip 53


Live Activities

draft optional author:vitorpamplona author:v0l


Service providers want to offer live activities to the Nostr network in such a way that participants can easily logged and queried by clients. This NIP describes a general framework to advertise the involvement of pubkeys in such live activities.

Live Event

A special event with kind:30311 "Live Event" is defined as a parameterized replaceable event of public p tags. Each p tag SHOULD have a displayable marker name for the current role (e.g. Host, Speaker, Participant) of the user in the event and the relay information MAY be empty. This event will be constantly updated as participants join and leave the activity.

For example:

  "kind": 30311,
  "tags": [
    ["d", "<unique identifier>"],
    ["title", "<name of the event>"],
    ["summary", "<description>"],
    ["image", "<preview image url>"],
    ["t", "hashtag"]
    ["streaming", "<url>"],
    ["recording", "<url>"], // used to place the edited video once the activity is over
    ["starts", "<unix timestamp in seconds>"],
    ["ends", "<unix timestamp in seconds>"],
    ["status", "<planned, live, ended>"],
    ["current_participants", "<number>"],
    ["total_participants", "<number>"],
    ["p", "91cf9..4e5ca", "wss://", "Host", "<proof>"],
    ["p", "14aeb..8dad4", "wss://", "Speaker"],
    ["p", "612ae..e610f", "ws://", "Participant"],
    ["relays", "wss://", "wss://", ...]
  "content": "",
  ...other fields

A distinct d tag should be used for each activity. All other tags are optional.

Providers SHOULD keep the participant list small (e.g. under 1000 users) and, when limits are reached, Providers SHOULD select which participants get named in the event. Clients should not expect a comprehensive list. Once the activity ends, the event can be deleted or updated to summarize the activity and provide async content (e.g. recording of the event).

Clients are expected to subscribe to kind:30311 events in general or for given follow lists and statuses. Clients MAY display participants' roles in activities as well as access points to join the activity.

Live Activity management clients are expected to constantly update kind:30311 during the event. Clients MAY choose to consider status=live events after 1hr without any update as ended. The starts and ends timestamp SHOULD be updated when the status changes to and from live

The activity MUST be linked to using the NIP-19 naddr code along with the a tag.

Proof of Agreement to Participate

Event owners can add proof as the 5th term in each p tag to clarify the participant's agreement in joining the event. The proof is a signed SHA256 of the complete a Tag of the event (kind:pubkey:dTag) by each p's private key, encoded in hex.

Clients MAY only display participants if the proof is available or MAY display participants as "invited" if the proof is not available.

This feature is important to avoid malicious event owners adding large account holders to the event, without their knowledge, to lure their followers into the malicious owner's trap.

Live Chat Message

Event kind:1311 is live chat's channel message. Clients MUST include the a tag of the activity with a root marker. Other Kind-1 tags such as reply and mention can also be used.

  "id": "<32-bytes lowercase hex-encoded SHA-256 of the the serialized event data>",
  "pubkey": "<32-bytes lowercase hex-encoded public key of the event creator>",
  "created_at": "<Unix timestamp in seconds>",
  "kind": 1311,
  "tags": [
    ["a", "30311:<Community event author pubkey>:<d-identifier of the community>", "<Optional relay url>", "root"],
  "content": "Zaps to live streams is beautiful."

Use Cases

Common use cases include meeting rooms/workshops, watch-together activities, or event spaces, such as and


Live Streaming

  "id": "57f28dbc264990e2c61e80a883862f7c114019804208b14da0bff81371e484d2",
  "pubkey": "1597246ac22f7d1375041054f2a4986bd971d8d196d7997e48973263ac9879ec",
  "created_at": 1687182672,
  "kind": 30311,
  "tags": [
    ["d", "demo-cf-stream"],
    ["title", "Adult Swim Metalocalypse"],
    ["summary", "Live stream from IPTV-ORG collection"],
    ["streaming", ""],
	["starts", "1687182672"]
    ["status", "live"],
    ["t", "animation"],
    ["t", "iptv"],
    ["image", ""]
  "content": "",
  "sig": "5bc7a60f5688effa5287244a24768cbe0dcd854436090abc3bef172f7f5db1410af4277508dbafc4f70a754a891c90ce3b966a7bc47e7c1eb71ff57640f3d389"

Live Streaming chat message

  "id": "97aa81798ee6c5637f7b21a411f89e10244e195aa91cb341bf49f718e36c8188",
  "pubkey": "3f770d65d3a764a9c5cb503ae123e62ec7598ad035d836e2a810f3877a745b24",
  "created_at": 1687286726,
  "kind": 1311,
  "tags": [
    ["a", "30311:1597246ac22f7d1375041054f2a4986bd971d8d196d7997e48973263ac9879ec:demo-cf-stream", "", "root"]
  "content": "Zaps to live streams is beautiful.",
  "sig": "997f62ddfc0827c121043074d50cfce7a528e978c575722748629a4137c45b75bdbc84170bedc723ef0a5a4c3daebf1fef2e93f5e2ddb98e5d685d022c30b622"