Nip 78


Arbitrary custom app data

draft optional author:sandwich author:fiatjaf

The goal of this NIP is to enable remoteStorage-like capabilities for custom applications that do not care about interoperability.

Even though interoperability is great, some apps do not want or do not need interoperability, and it wouldn't make sense for them. Yet Nostr can still serve as a generalized data storage for these apps in a "bring your own database" way, for example: a user would open an app and somehow input their preferred relay for storage, which would then enable these apps to store application-specific data there.

Nostr event

This NIP specifies the use of event kind 30078 (parameterized replaceable event) with a d tag containing some reference to the app name and context -- or any other arbitrary string. content and other tags can be anything or in any format.

Some use cases

  • User personal settings on Nostr clients (and other apps unrelated to Nostr)
  • A way for client developers to propagate dynamic parameters to users without these having to update
  • Personal private data generated by apps that have nothing to do with Nostr, but allow users to use Nostr relays as their personal database